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TP 4006 Digital Friction Demonstrator Tarcie

TP 4006  Digital Friction Demonstrator Tarcie
TP 4006 Digital Friction Demonstrator Tarcie

The product consists of control unit, track, cart and power adapter. It is used to explore factors affect friction. The product design meets the teaching requirements and the operation is simple with high practicability.

This equipment is used for friction force equipment for primary school and junior high school.It can explore factors affect friction from frictional surface, mass of object, velocity and touching area.


  1. Track should be longer than 500mm so that enough data can be collected while the car is moving.
  2. Uniform velocity motor is powered by 12V. It can rotate on both forward and reverse direction and is able to stop.
  3. The car has two different touching area which are upper and lower surface, and can add mass components ,which is easy to study the affection to friction force from touching area and mass.
  4. Built-in double module Bluetooth and 100mAh lithium battery. Both wire and wireless connection are accepted.
  5. Auto stop operation of car when it reaches end of track. Product consists of triple-level speed motor, three track with different touching surface and small car with built-in sensor.

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