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Akcesoria laboratoryjne

Akcesoria laboratoryjne
The product consists of control unit, track, cart and power adapter. It is used to explore factors affect friction. The product design meets the teaching requirements and the operation is simple with high practicability. This equipment is used for friction force equipment for primary school and j..
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Zestaw składa się z eksperymentalnego urządzenia badającego pochłanianie (rozpraszanie) ciepła, prętów doświadczalnych, zasilacza (12 V, 8 A) i przewodu zasilającego. Służy do badania zdolności pochłaniania ciepła przez przedmioty o różnych barwach.   Zestaw laboratoryjny używany jest w eksper..
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Zestaw składa się z płytki z obwodem drukowanym, przewodu i izolatora, żarówek, baterii, przewodów podłączeniowych, czarnego pręta akrylowego, pręta ze stali nierdzewnej i pręta węglowego. Znajduje zastosowanie w badaniu przewodników i izolatorów oraz badaniu przewodnictwa cieczy.   Zestaw uży..
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This product consists of control parts, trolley, power adapter and USB cable. It is used to explore the relationship between the size of tension force and inclination angle of slope.This product is designed to meet the teaching requirements, easy to operate and practical.   It is used to carry..
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Experimental device comprises of a base, a supporting rod, the centripetal force of wireless body, fasteners, bob, Bluetooth adapter. Built in angular speed sensor and force sensor, built-in lithium battery and Bluetooth module,wireless connection supported. Bob mass and rotation radius are changeab..
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It is used in "Faraday electromagnetic induction" experiment in high school physics, to explore the factors affecting the magnitude of induced electromotive force. This device is composed of base, magnets, coil of adjustable turns, bracket and voltage sensor, and photogate.   Typical experimen..
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It consists of a speed-regulating uniform rotating motor, 3 pieces 400 turns of coils, magnets with bearing, conveyor belts (4 different lengths), coil bracket, 2 wires, rail bases, guide rail base and other components. It is easy to set up.The 400 turns of coil is a plug-in design.Specification of ..
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The experimental device consists of a panel, a light barrier, a photogate part, a bracket, etc., and has a built-in Bluetooth and lithium battery that can be wirelessly connected to a computer. It has 12 light-adjusting height adjustment positions and can simultaneously obtain kinetic energy, potent..
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Marka: Sense disc
It consists of primary coil, secondary coil, base and built-in magnetic field sensor, micro voltage sensor, etc. It is mainly used to explore Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Through the change of the primary coil current, the change of magnetic flux of the secondary coil can be detected,..
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Marka: Sense disc
It is used to explore the experimental principle of dust explosion. The whole process of starch burning and explosion can be clearly observed, deepen students' understanding of combustion conditions, and further understand the principle of fire extinguishing. It consists of a clamshell crisper, an e..
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Marka: Sense disc
It is used in junior high school "exploring the elongation characteristics of springs" physics experiment, used in high school "to study the relationship between spring elongation and elasticity" physics experiment. It consists of a metal frame, a test panel, a spring kit, a fastener, a dovetail nut..
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Marka: Sense disc
It is used for junior high school chemistry "The temperature of the flame", to explore the stratification of the flame and the relationship between the temperature of each layer. It consists of acrylic lampshade, K-type removable high-temperature sensor components and stainless steel alcohol lamp. T..
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